My Letter to Pippa

Press Release



“My Letter to Pippa” is on the road



The director Bingöl Elmas undertook the peace journey of Pippa Bacca which is interrupted in Turkey and transformed it in a documentary named “My Letter to Pippa”.

The national and international festival journey of the film whose first national screening took place in 9. AFM International Independant Films Festival has started.

Italian activist Pippa Bacca set out to hitchhike from Milan to Israel in a white wedding dress to raise awareness for global peace. Her journey was cut tragically short in Gebze, western Turkey, when she was brutally murdered. Director Bingöl Elmas dons a black wedding dress and takes up the journey where Pippa’s ended, until the Syrian border. Hitchhiking alone in trucks and minibuses across Turkey, she tries to make sense of why Pippa died. Throughout the country, with her subjective camera, she followed the traces of peace, trust and being a woman.

According to Bingöl Elmas, “ In this journey what happened to Pippa and states of masculinity are discussed as well as the reality of being a woman in Turkey is faced with. This is a movie about existing as a woman in a truck or on a highway without being harrased or raped.

With the guidence of Tuğrul Artunkal, “My Letter to Pippa” is realized with the support of the european cultural channel ARTE and as part of the commun project of French producer Patrice Barrat which called “The Other Turkey”. A shooting crew consiste of 5 persons followed the director in her journey.





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