Hey Neighbour!

Purpose, Approach

Urban transformation, which is a need and necessity, has been practiced in such a develop mentalist and profiteer way in my country that our living spaces have been cluttered. People have been either forced to move or left alone with credit debts. It has been luxury to talk about ecology, environment, historical heritage and cultural fabric under these conditions. I see the destructive results of this transformation in my own living spaces and I am exposed to them.

One of the results of the urban transformation is the disappearance of the old neighborhoods. Together with the neighborhoods, their lifestyle, culture and traditional structure have changed unnaturally. The communities that have no relations with each other happened to find themselves side by side. Wealth and poverty became neighbors. They have become so close that it is impossible to ignore each other. I am talking about a neighborhood of residences and shanties. There are plenty of contrasts and tensions in this neighborhood. This is merely the embodiment of the suffocated system. 

I would like to catch the attention of decision makers and implementers especially nowadays when the cities and our living spaces are changed and designed rapidly. Moreover, I would like to stake a claim to my own living space and city and raise awareness among the people who are dragged away in this period and on the verge of an important decision about their life. I aim at giving clues about what this course of events will result in and providing the inspiration for universities or organizations to do some research in this field. I want to remind the opinion leaders who have the right to speak about the cities of the "slow cities" and traditional and authentic architecture.


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