My Letter to Pippa

Purpose, Approach

Following Pippa’s path...

Our documentary is a confrontation about violence against women in Turkey. What happened to Pippa is the motivation for this confrontation and offers a connecting thread. First, this terrifying violence was unbearable. But secondly, it was just as unbearable to realize that this violence was not making the headlines because Pippa was a stranger, a European!

The film will start at the moment and location where Pippa was killed and will re-trace the footsteps of her planned itinerary. We will cross the country, from North to West and South to East, along more than 1500km, to meet the population that Pippa should have crossed according to the itinerary she had planned.

This trip is of course a tribute to Pippa but also to all the thousands of Turkish victims of this violence, sinister in its commonality and normalcy. It is also a pretext to interrogate a mentality that doesn’t seem to want or be able to solve the problems. This is also a personal expression of a young woman, the director Bingol Elmas, who needs to trust others, especially her own people. With war and violence everywhere, a woman needs to be able to hear and see peace and serenity for herself.

The priority is to collect reactions, the most sincere ones, the intimate ones of all those people we will cross along this journey. Therefore, the letter to Pippa will be improvised. It will be very personal and immediate reaction to Pippa’s feelings and life story. This letter must not be written ahead of time, it must not be reduced to a comedian’s game. It will be a letter from one woman to another woman, of the same age, who will continue on the path where she left off. It will refer visually to the huge press coverage the dramatic incident had in Turkey and the reaction is generated among women and among the general population. It will mention all the protests that took place, and everything that her horrible death gave rise to.


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